Olou National Schools​

About us​

Olou National Schools in Al-Khobar – formerly Kindergarten Al-Eman Schools – were established in order to contribute to raising the educational, educational and cultural level of the people of this country. It began in the girls’ section with the efforts of teachers seeking to raise a creative generation, intellectually aware and distinguished morally and scientifically. As a result of the success of our schools in achieving their mission, they expanded with the opening of the boys’ section, and then included all educational levels from kindergarten until the end of the secondary stage – for boys and girls – so it became an integrated edifice of science and knowledge that raises a generation on the values and morals of our true Islamic religion, keeping pace with the latest developments in the requirements of life and success in it. To be a “generation that rises above with its knowledge.”

Throughout the long and bright history of our schools, they have been keen to keep pace with scientific and educational developments and new research by developing curricula, programmes, methods of teaching methods, and their enrichment activities in a way that fulfills the requirements of life across the generations that they have succeeded in raising, including the qualitative leap in opening the school complex in the Olaya district of Al-Khobar in the Eastern Province, with a design It complies with safety and security standards, and the specifications of a rich, effective school environment distinguished by its diverse facilities to provide the best opportunities for the integrated growth of its students.

Our schools continue to focus in all their programmes, curricula and daily operations on providing active and rich learning environments that immerse each student in realistic interaction opportunities for life, developing his target traits, life skills and sound emotional and social development that qualifies him to be a permanent independent learner and an active responsible citizen in his society, open to And interact with the other consciously and positively so that he has a global mentality with the authenticity of his established religious and national values. To achieve this, and because our efforts are “learner-centered,” we have in our schools added and developed a unique model of “bilingualism” based on the requirements of living and working in the twenty-first century, the pillars and goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, the needs of the fully developed individual, and the aspirations of parents as partners with us in taking… Our decisions and implementation of our programs, together with local and global community institutions.

With God’s blessing and the guidance of our Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, we move with confident steps in constantly improving our practices, with His permission, Glory be to Him.

How we work in Olou National Schools

Every educator, practitioner, and team at Olou National Schools constantly strives to have characteristics that help and support improving the educational process and providing appropriate educational services to every student, which is what we want to be in our schools. We:


We recognize the need for timely change and take immediate action to enhance our practices and students' learning.


We think, plan and make our decisions synergistically based on the evidence that we document constantly


We believe in and actively practice continuous learning through experience, investigation, and ongoing professional development.


We practice transparency and professional care in order to improve


We prioritize involving parents and local community institutions in decision-making, activity implementation, and improving our work for our students' benefit.

School Administration Speech

In line with our government’s commitment to education, particularly during the pandemic, and in alignment with Vision 2030, we initiated distance education from day one of the global COVID-19 outbreak. This decision ensures the safety of our students while maintaining uninterrupted learning.

We began with the My School in My Home platform, uploading daily lesson clips with teacher explanations following the academic calendar. We later transitioned to live broadcasts, ensuring continuous communication with students and parents. This unbroken link resulted in a successful academic year, including enrichment activities, electronic assignments, tests, and impressive results.