Olou National Schools Facilities

The school building features the latest facilities that support the educational process for male and female students


An important place and an integral part of the school, which consists of many important books in all fields and types of knowledge and science


Integrated classrooms focus on the learning objectives rather than the activity to measure. It requires all students to achieve the same educational goals, and most classrooms are equipped with blackboards and modern display technologies to serve the educational process

Arts Laboratory

A studio equipped with all the technical staff to help male and female students in the process of innovation and creativity 

Computer Lab

The opportunity for education is provided to male and female students by taking advantage of technology during the educational process, training in experimentation, research and exploration, and developing creativity and innovation through the use of computers to solve problems and make the learner proficient in the basic requirements of computer application programs.

Science Laboratory

Five science laboratories equipped with all the tools and accessories to assist male and female students in scientific curricula


Outdoor arenas and playgrounds for the boys’ and girls’ sections prepared for all types of sports. Schools also provide indoor recreational arenas when the weather conditions deteriorate, such as dust, rain, or extreme heat.

The Swimming Pool

A swimming pool that follows safety rules and is equipped with locker rooms, lockers and shower rooms.

Security and safety in the school building


Gold Medalist as one of the health promoting schools


The building meets security and safety requirements

With three main emergency exits and more than 50 secondary emergency exits


There are surveillance cameras inside and outside


Fire-resistant and insulated doors and windows


Outdoor arenas and playgrounds for the boys’ and girls’ sections prepared for all types of sports