Leader A. Juma Al-Rumaihi
Director of Middle and High school (boys)

The Middle and High school administration speech

Olou National Schools welcomes you, and is proud of your partnership in building “a generation that excels in its knowledge,” and looks forward to achieving our country’s ambitious vision of building and acquiring knowledge and skills in an effort to fulfill your aspirations when you see your children contributing to achieving the vision of our dear homeland 2030; This is through instilling noble values, and achieving community partnership, to reach the stage of integration between the family and the school in order to achieve educational and educational goals, and keeping pace with technical progress in the field of linking technology with education, and paying attention to teaching the English language in quantity and quality according to the latest international programs and curricula, and paying attention to academic achievement and crowning this. By excelling in abilities and achievement, and thus our schools seek to enhance continuous learning among our students.

Pathways system in high school 

An educational system consisting of nine semesters taught in three years; 

First year 

The pathways system begins in the first common year in which the student studies general subjects in various scientific and humanitarian fields.

The second and third years

They are two specialized years, during which the student enrolls in any of the tracks that are consistent with his inclinations and abilities. 

The Pathways System is based on a philosophy that believes in the necessity of transferring the student from a recipient of knowledge to a participant and producer of it. The new Pathways System is a serious attempt resulting from an evaluation of the most prominent practices in the history of high education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and international practices in the high stage in general, in order to come up with a developed model. It combines the demands of the times, scientific requirements and applicability.
The Pathways System is based on a renewed philosophy based on expanding opportunities and options for every student, and involving him in determining the path of his academic and professional life. Just as it prepares the student for life and to complete his education after high school, it gives him the opportunity to actively participate in the labor market. Through the Pathways System philosophy, the student is able to practice more It has a role that makes him a partner in the knowledge industry, and not just a recipient and consumer of it. According to this system, the student can keep pace with the changes around him in the twenty-first century, and to achieve the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The educational path in Olou schools

The general track in the high stage in Olou National Schools is concerned with providing the student with knowledge and skills, developing positive attitudes towards specializations related to the legal, human, natural, and applied sciences, and promoting integration between the scientific and humanities fields.