Dual Language in Olou Schools ..

A student of Alou National School learns the language based on its cultural, social and academic context, to ensure its understanding and productive use, general understanding and openness to others with national religious authenticity.
Curricula for learning Arabic and English:
We at Elou Private Schools carefully adopt the educational standards for language learning to ensure the development of students over the years of their studies and the achievement of their goals.
The course of learning the Arabic and English languages begins with a percentage of 70% for Arabic and 30% for English in kindergarten and the second grade of primary school. This percentage increases gradually until it reaches 50%-50% at the end of the intermediate stage.
Percentage of learning Arabic and English in KG3 and first grade: 60% Arabic, 40% English.

American Diploma System or National Pathways

When a student reaches the second intermediate grade, he must choose between the diploma and the courses. Diploma: The student follows the American system and requires four years for evaluation. As for the courses, it consists of all secondary stages. Both are useful, but the decision is up to the student.


Ten reasons that make you choose Olou International School


 There is no doubt that the subjects your son studies are important for your son to meet international standards. The books approved in Olou Private Schools meet the standards. The school adopts good book series, which are those that have received a green rating in all evaluation criteria related to their meeting international standards and usage factors.

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In addition to programs teaching language, mathematics, science, national identity materials, and physical and artistic education, there are specific programs during the school day that enhance career and university success, such as: leadership, design, technology, and STEAM. These programs have specialized laboratories for them and meet all international standards


There are library programs in primary and kindergarten classes, and there is a library in each class that contains books that develop reading and research skills


The student is taught how to learn in a deliberate and intentional way so that he tracks his progress and develops his metacognitive skills


Teachers use teaching practices that have a high impact on student learning, as they develop academic competencies and social emotional learning. Click to learn about practices that have a high impact size greater than 4%



A system that ensures the collective efficiency of teachers and that performance does not vary from teacher to teacher


There are programs in the fields of creativity, service, and performance that develop the integrated aspects of personality in a way that enhances national identity and our Arab-Islamic heritage


A student information system and a learning management system that facilitates student learning, follow-up, knowledge of their progress and achievement, and communication with the teacher


Sports facilities, laboratories, library, workshops and specialized rooms are built and equipped according to international standards



The school meets safety and health specifications, international standards for other educational institutions, and ISO21001 specifications from the accrediting body and the Ministry of Education