It is a voluntary internal committee in the school that aims to make the school a better place for students to learn, based on the pursuit of comprehensive growth for every student. Parent representatives participate in supporting their children’s learning. Participating parents work side by side with teachers and school personnel to support the school’s educational, social and formal efforts. Olou National Schools considers that the Parent-Teacher Committee (PTA) has an important role in achieving its mission, vision, and goals, so it pays great attention to them, and appreciates every contribution by parents to support its efforts in that.

  • Strengthening the bonds of the school community through a group of purposeful social activities
  • Contribute to providing an attractive and rich learning environment
  • Supporting the school’s efforts to obtain international and local accreditations
  • Support and improve the school’s image and reputation
  • Contributing to the development and improvement of the services provided by the school

They are volunteer parents who have the time and desire to support the learning of school students. The duration of forming the committee is one academic year.

  • The Parents and Teachers Committee consists of:
  • Representatives of parents
  • Representatives of teachers and school staff
  • Adopting the school’s mission, vision, and educational philosophy
  • Desire to support the school’s efforts
  • Ability to communicate with schools at all available times
  • The ability to provide time to plan and implement committee activities

For example but not limited to:

  • Volunteering in school facilities and classroom activities in order to support student learning
  • Organizing social activities for members of the school community, during and after school hours
  • Organizing scientific and entertainment competitions within the school
  • Coordinating with parent committees in area schools in order to strengthen partnerships between schools and local community institutions
  • Providing some learning resources, such as: books, games, and learning tools
  • Attracting experienced members of the local community to support students’ learning