At Olou National Schools, we seek for our students to be independent learners, possessing lifelong learning skills, and responsible, conscious citizens, open to others, interacting positively, and practicing effective communication skills, contributing to improving their learning environment and the environment of their country and the world in the future, and we believe that to achieve these traits in people For each student, we work to provide a rich realistic environment and life learning opportunities; In which every student, male and female, plays his role in life to express his opinion and participate with his school community in managing his learning and life. Olou Schools believes that spending every student’s time in it is “life for life’s sake.” Our students are citizens as well. They have the right to have a say in matters that affect their lives and their community, including their schools.


    What is the student parliament?

    A representative group of students, elected by secret ballot to form an elected student body in schools; In order to contribute to making decisions related to student affairs as members of the school community, lead and follow up on their issues, and plan and implement a group of initiatives, activities and events inside and outside schools with the supervision and support of the schools.

    • Involving students in democratic processes and decision-making within the school

    • Demonstrate the importance of representation and active participation in school community issues

    • Electing student representatives through free electoral processes

    • Developing students’ leadership, communication and synergy skills

    • Providing the opportunity and space to present students’ ideas and opinions about school policies that directly affect them

    • Contributing to supporting the development of the characteristics of responsible, conscious citizenship among students

    • Improving the school community by involving students in addressing their issues and concerns

    • Representing students in school community meetings
    • Planning, implementation, supervision and evaluation of a range of activities and events during the academic year within schools
    • Representing students in parliamentary events and activities outside schools
    • Contributing to the review and development of school policies and activities related to their plans to improve the learning process and students’ immersion in activities and events
    • Taking care of students’ affairs and following up on making decisions related to them by representing them before the administration
    • Supporting schools’ efforts to instill citizenship and school values among students

    One representative from each class division, and the structure of the Student Parliament is:

    • President of the Student Parliament, elected by the elected members of the Student Parliament
    • Vice President of the Student Parliament
    • Secretary of the Student Parliament
    • Members of the Student Parliament

    The Student Parliament cycle is one academic year. They are elected at the beginning of the academic year until their duties are handed over to new members in the following academic year